Why You Should Choose a Luxury Experience over Budget Hotels


The Blackman Art Series Hotel The Blackman Art Series Hotel in Melbourne

Undoubtedly, when travelling there are places to spend and places to save. Penny-pinching in some areas can save you valuable funds to splurge on other areas of your trip. But there are several reasons why spending the extra bucks on luxury hotel stays will provide you with the ultimate luxexperience that is well worth it.

Luxury Hotels – you get more than you pay for

The main drawing card with luxury hotels is that you get so much more than you pay for. Essentially you see the cost as paying for a room for the night but it’s all of the added elements of the experience that gives that luxe value for money. You can feel it in the quality high thread count sheets, in the high end amenities and bathroom products, and even in the quality of food and wine in the mini…

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