Why You Should Choose a Luxury Experience over Budget Hotels


The Blackman Art Series Hotel The Blackman Art Series Hotel in Melbourne

Undoubtedly, when travelling there are places to spend and places to save. Penny-pinching in some areas can save you valuable funds to splurge on other areas of your trip. But there are several reasons why spending the extra bucks on luxury hotel stays will provide you with the ultimate luxexperience that is well worth it.

Luxury Hotels – you get more than you pay for

The main drawing card with luxury hotels is that you get so much more than you pay for. Essentially you see the cost as paying for a room for the night but it’s all of the added elements of the experience that gives that luxe value for money. You can feel it in the quality high thread count sheets, in the high end amenities and bathroom products, and even in the quality of food and wine in the mini…

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10 Great Date Night Ideas For This Weekend

Do you find yourself planning your weekend and running out of fun and interesting activities to do? Whether your planning a date night with your partner or just with your bestie, try something new and memorable this weekend. We’ve got 10 great date night (or day) ideas for this weekend to try all over the country, so there’s something for everyone!

1. A night of comedy gold in Melbourne

What better way then to spend the weekend than with some comedy gold? In the wake of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Melbourne’s own Comic’s Lounge is the place to be for year round comedy shows. If you’re looking for a date idea to light up your weekend, grab your tickets for the next laughfest!

2. For a Melbourne coffee date with a twist

Dating all around the world at some point involves sharing a cup of coffee, so why not put a…

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30 second Bliss Balls!

Shiny Little Pages

Chocolate Coconut Bliss Balls Easy

Bliss balls are a great food for afternoon snacks and those times when you feel like a sweet treat, without the guilt!

In hunting around the internet recently for the perfect bliss ball recipe, I decided to come up with one of my own! Although there are many wonderful healthy, protein based, sweet, fruity or chocolate based recipes out there, I wanted to find one that I could share on my blog for readers, who literally want the simpliest ingredients and a quick method.

I admire healthy recipes and advances in food science which have allowed recipes to evolve into using coconut oil, cacoa powder, chia seeds, almond milk and all the other healthy superfoods. But honestly, I don’t have coconut oil in my cupboard and I don’t want to spend another $7 just to by organic cacoa powder.

This recipe is easy, quick and uses standard, staples ingredients that most…

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Melbourne Interior Designer Camilla Molders

West Avenue

CamillaMolders_MG_8408 full Photography by Martina Gemmola

Melbourne Interior Designer, Camilla Molders is a expert in designing stand-out spaces. Her work can be seen in homes all over Melbourne, filled with vibrant colour and a mix of both classic and modern approaches. I spoke to Camilla about her love for interior design and where she draws her inspiration from.

Thanks for taking the time to speak to the West Avenue readers. Firstly, tell us a bit about what interior design means to you and how you came to work in the industry for over 20 years?

“I was very lucky and fell into the industry at a young age by answering a newspaper job ad for a showroom assistant in a high-end textile wholesale showroom. This was an incredible apprenticeship of sorts as I was able to work alongside some of Australia’s best designers, watching how they put schemes together. This was invaluable…

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Raw – Haymes 2015 Colour Forecast

West Avenue

Part two of our Haymes 2015 Colour Forecast is Raw. With the themes of re-connecting with nature and exploring softer palettes that run through each of the colour forecasts, raw explores the notion of detoxing and editing out the clutter.

Haymes Domo Showroom Photography by Shannon McGrath. Furniture and lighting by Domo Collections

“Raw is about redefining what is important through a natural selection process. The Raw colour palette is one of neutral tones, made up of a collection of soft hues, creating a calming effect. This natural palette is very subdued, generating an ethereal atmosphere with warm brown and cream tones forming the perfect base for any interior styling. The focus shifts to minimalism using colours, textures and materials in the home derived from nature.

“When all is said and done though,
the home is considered an escape from reality, a sanctuary away from the hassles of everyday life.”

Haymes 2015 Colour Forecast

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WA chats to Danielle Wales

West Avenue

Dani Wales is a Block All Star, an entrepenuer and certainly knows her stuff when it comes to the home! I caught up with Dani Wales, founder of The Home Journal about her experience with interiors, tips for trends and what it’s really like to be on The Block with her partner Dan.

Danielle Wales and partner Dan on the set of The Block 2012 - Image Credit Tina Smigeilski, The Block 2012 - Guest Bedroom - Image Credit Elizabeth Allnutt Danielle Wales and partner Dan on the set of The Block 2012 – Image Credit Tina Smigeilski, The Block 2012 – Guest Bedroom – Image Credit Elizabeth Allnutt

“Thanks for taking the to speak to the West Avenue readers. Your debut into the ‘home’ industry came about when you hit TV screens on The Block in 2012. What inspired you to be involved with the show and how did your passion for buildings and interiors start?

My pleasure! My partner (Dan) and I were living in London and decided to make the move home in 2009. One of…

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Inspired Designer – Vamps Store

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Vamps Store Crystal Jewellery

Vamps Store is a Made in Melbourne crystal jewellery brand with a positive mind set and all around good vibes! We spoke to founder Shenel Raif about her love of design, crystal healing and her passion to create beautiful pieces with a personal touch!

Vamps Store Owner Vamps Store Owner – Shenel Raif

  1. First of all, tell us a little about yourself as founder of Vamps Store and how you came to launch a jewellery brand.

I am a 24 year old soon to be teacher and fashion lover. I am a firm believer in self-expression and not being afraid to be exactly who you are! I wear a positive attitude and a smile every day and hope my good energy transfers onto others.

 I have always wanted to be involved within the design world, however I am also very passionate for teaching. Vamps Store is the perfect mix…

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