During my Graduate Certificate of Journalism, I completed many internships to gain experience in the world of content creation. During 2013 I spent nine months interning with Australian Travel Magazine, get lost. get lost magazine is an independent and internationally distributed print magazine produced by Grin Creative. During my internship I was able to gain knowledge in … Continue reading Internships

West Avenue Blog

After being approached by the founder of Catch of the Day, I was asked to create a homewares themed blog to support the launch of a new homewares website from the Catch Group. I took on this project during 2014 as a part-time contractor and created the ‘West Avenue Style Blog”. Running this blog involved … Continue reading West Avenue Blog

Shiny Little Pages

Shiny Little Pages

Shiny Little Pages is a side project of my own to experiment with my wordpress skills and to create content for personal enjoyment. It is written in the style of an online magazine with a focus on Melbourne made product, interior style, food and travel. Head to Shiny Little Pages to find more content.  

Online Editor

As an Online Editor I was hired by Catch Group in November 2014 to launch blogging platforms to support the two major e-commerce sites of the group, and After consulting the major stakeholders of the sites, I worked alongside a digital agency to give creative direction on the style of content creation we … Continue reading Online Editor

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