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Melbourne Interior Designer, Camilla Molders is a expert in designing stand-out spaces. Her work can be seen in homes all over Melbourne, filled with vibrant colour and a mix of both classic and modern approaches. I spoke to Camilla about her love for interior design and where she draws her inspiration from.

Thanks for taking the time to speak to the West Avenue readers. Firstly, tell us a bit about what interior design means to you and how you came to work in the industry for over 20 years?

“I was very lucky and fell into the industry at a young age by answering a newspaper job ad for a showroom assistant in a high-end textile wholesale showroom. This was an incredible apprenticeship of sorts as I was able to work alongside some of Australia’s best designers, watching how they put schemes together. This was invaluable experience that I am so grateful to have had.

“Also during this time, I studied at night school as I realised design was what I wanted to do. After 10 years of working alongside designers in various facets of the industry, I decided to give it a go on my own. I launched my business, Camilla Molders Design in 2004. Now 10 years on, my business is going from strength to strength. I pretty much live, eat and breathe it! I get so excited to see what started as a picture in my mind come to life!

“What interior design means to me? – I think there is something to be said about coming home and loving the space you come into so that you exhale!”

Camilla Molders Design MP1

Your ideas and creativity in the spaces you design are truly inspiring. When styling a new project from scratch, where do you draw your inspiration from?

“Firstly – thank you!! That’s very lovely of you to say!

“I am a visual person, so I am always looking at everything. Inspiration really comes from everywhere! My phone camera is full of random things that peak my interest – be it the façade of a building, the layout of some bricks on a footpath or the colour combo of something at a supermarket deli – inspiration is random and comes from anywhere if you keep your eyes open to it!

“I begin each project with a unique approach, the starting point being the clients brief and their lifestyle. We work collaboratively with them to create an environment that reflects who they are. I usually spend time mulling over the project – staring at the ceiling, thinking it through before I put pen to paper! Especially in bolder designs, it has to sit right in my head first!

“I practise what I preach – as I believe it’s important to come home and be able to exhale, because your home is a representation of who you are.


Tell us about some current projects you’re working on; what can we keep our eyes open for this year from CMD?

We have quite a bit on the go at the moment including a large scale renovation, where I’m working closely with the architect and the client, designing quite a few bespoke pieces which is always very exciting for me!

I also have a collaboration in the works that I am very excited about, but cant let the cat out of the bag about that one just yet!

Where do you see interior design trends moving towards in 2014? What do you think the biggest trends will be?

I’m not really interested in what the trends of the moment are! Of course you can’t help but notice what is everywhere, but my work isn’t dictated by trends – more by the clients tastes and the space itself.

But one trend that I see and that I can get totally on board with is house plants! A plant can really help liven and freshen up a room.

Camilla Molders Design ED IMG_0013

I’m going to pick your brain a little here for some expert tips!
What is your go-to home style statement?

Personality over fashion! Stay true to what YOU love, rather than what fashion dictates.

What is your favourite way to update a room on a budget?

Scatter cushions transform a space instantly and cost effectively! They also really help create a homely feel!

Second to that, lamps & lampshades. I very rarely turn overhead lighting on in my own home as lamps make a room look so much more inviting & cosy!

Also art. Art transforms a room adding such individual personality!  Nowadays art has become so much more accessible to everyone through websites like Etsy where you can find all kinds of excellent work.

How would you describe your own style at home?

Ever changing, eclectic & colourful! I have a lot of art, scatter cushions and lamps!

CamillaMolders_Northcote_6511 crop copy

Find out more about Camilla Molders Designs or Shop for art and cushions on West Avenue!

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