Mexsii Bedheads

Every bedroom is a sanctuary to explore personal freedom in artistic individuality. Incorporating spirited artwork with bedhead upholstery, Mexsii is made by a Melbourne interior design company with a young perspective.

Originating from the desire to own a unique bedhead, founder, Merryn Paul was unsatisfied with what the industry had to offer. Co-founder Sarah Falzon saw this opportunity as a seed of an idea to create modern designs in a largely untapped area of bedroom inspiration. The Mexsii bedhead experience is unique and vibrant with an environmental edge.

The current collection, Wanderlust, expresses the movement and flowing freedom of colour. Featuring designs entitled “nomadic heart”, “Moroccan eye”, “sea glass” and “coral earth”, the artworks incorporate a love of nature and travel. Falzon explains; “It’s all about transience and freedom…our artist has used colour in a fluid way”. The prints are explosions of colour, referencing a kaleidoscopic style of movement.

Collaborating with an artist, Mexsii believes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. “It is art and it is all about what speaks to you and what you connect with”. Mexsii provides each customer with a unique art piece to fall in love with, in a space with a personal connection, the bedroom. Paul says “the beauty of it is that it’s in your bedroom and that’s a place where you pick things for yourself. It’s not about other people, so it gives you a feeling of freedom in your own space”. Falzon adds “it’s a sanctuary”.

With a strong ethical conscience, Paul makes sure every process is as sustainable and ethical as possible. Sourced and produced locally, Mexsii uses recyclable materials and non-toxic inks, printed onto a linen canvas. Linen, explains Paul, is a natural fibre, repelling dirt with antimicrobials.“It’s just a beautiful fabric and printing on it makes our colours pop… it’s got a much nicer feel”. The upholstery methods manage low excess wastage and the canvases are mounted onto stunning sustainable wooden legs which add natural beauty.

Paul laughs as she recalls that she had not yet found a bedhead for herself. “I didn’t even end up making one for myself (laughs)… now I’ll pick my own bedhead from my own label.”

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