During my Graduate Certificate of Journalism, I completed many internships to gain experience in the world of content creation.

During 2013 I spent nine months interning with Australian Travel Magazine, get lost.

get lost magazine is an independent and internationally distributed print magazine produced by Grin Creative.

During my internship I was able to gain knowledge in almost every aspect of the publishing process including sourcing content, copyright, content writing, creative writing, editorial planning, design, editing and proofreading.

get lost magazine

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of holding a print magazine in your hands, a magazine that you have helped to create and that has a piece of your heart and soul in it for readers to experience.

Editorial work that I produced for get lost magazine can be seen in issues #38 #39 and #40.

In September 2103 I Worked as an intern for Universal Magazines in Melbourne and was involved in the process of producing Complete Weddings MeLbourne.

Complete Weddings Melbourne is a mix of advertorial and editorial content for the wedding industry. During my time working one-on-one with Editor – Kate Telfer, I gained experience writing online content, writing print content and styling and assisting on major photoshoots.

You can view some of my online articles here:

10 Wedding Apps You’ll Fall in Love With

Rainproof Your Wedding – Tips For Unexpected Rainy Wedding Days


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