Online Editor

As an Online Editor I was hired by Catch Group in November 2014 to launch blogging platforms to support the two major e-commerce sites of the group, and

After consulting the major stakeholders of the sites, I worked alongside a digital agency to give creative direction on the style of content creation we wanted to produce. This lead to the re-launch of Catch Culture in February 2015 and the launch of Scoopon Life in January 2015.

Catch Culture

Catch Culture focused on producing content that highlighted quality products from the site in a trendy way as well as producing funny, quirky and relatable content on tech and gaming, active lifestyle and style for the Australian Catch of the Day audience.

The most popular posts I produced for Catch Culture:

How to Dress Denim: 3 Ways

How to Make a Chunky Monkey Breakfast Protein Smoothie

Beauty Looks on a Budget: Talking Beauty with Brisbane Threads

How to Choose a Mother’s Day Gift and What Not To Write On The Card 

The OPI Colour Wheel – How to Paint Rainbow Nails

Top Napoleon Perdis Finds Under $50

Scoopon Life

Scoopon Life Blog Samantha Little

Scoopon Life is a travel and lifestyle based content blog focussing on providing quirky and cool tips for both local city audiences and a broader Australian audience.

Managing editorial calendars and producing content for these platforms was a creatively stimulating role which I believed I excelled at.

One of the most popular travel posts I produced for Scoopon Life on Jamala Wildlife Lodge:

Jamala Safari Lodge-- Samantha Little Content

Some other popular posts produced for Scoopon Life:

10 Great Date Night Ideas for This Weekend 

It’s All About Luxury and Bliss in Bali


Working with the Scoopon team also lead to consulting with stakeholders about building a WordPress platform for a luxury travel brand, Atlas  for which I created an external facing WordPress site to use as both a sales tool and content platform to establish an authoritative voice in the world of travel. Travel Homepage - Samantha Little Content

Atlas Journal - Samantha Little Content


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