5 Tips For The Perfect Bedroom With Mexsii

Bedrooms are our hideaway place. We escape into our bedrooms to get away from the outside world and to relax from our stressful day. Creating the perfect bedroom for your personality and lifestyle is essential to having a stress-free and enjoyable home space.

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Merryn Paul is the co-founder of mexsii bedheads and knows everything there is to know about creating the perfect bedroom space. With her background of upholstery and interior decoration, Merryn is passionate about sustainable design which is both aesthetically beautiful and functional. Taking the time out of her busy day; styling dream bedrooms, Merryn shares with West Avenue, her “5 tips to creating the perfect bedroom”.


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Bedroom Tip #1 – Choose your design style

The best thing about styling a bedroom is that it’s a space just for you, there’s no need to consider anyone else when picking items.  Before planning your dream bedroom space, think about the type of feeling you would like your bedroom to have. What is your personal style – clean and minimalistic or fun and arty? There is no right or wrong answer, just do whatever appeals to you.

Bedroom Tip #2 – Pick your colours

Colours can quite easily affect the mood of a bedroom, so it’s really important you select the ones that are going to give your bedroom the mood you are after. Here’s some examples to keep in mind:

For a space that will rejuvenate, greens are the ultimate choice.

For a space that is cosy and warm, pick from the warmer side of the colour wheel, using oranges, reds or yellows. Careful though, certain tones of these colours are considered  active colours which may keep you up all night counting sheep!

For a calming, soothing space, blues will be perfect.

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Bedroom Tip #3 – Measure your room!

It seems obvious but this is something everyone forgets and then tries to guess in the store. Big mistake! The size of furniture in your space can make the whole room feel huge or tiny! I’m a big fan of going to town with masking tape on walls and floors to plan within the actual size of the space I am working with before hitting the shops.


Bedroom Tip #4 – Choose your feature items

I know it’s hard when you come across so many amazing pieces that you just have to have, but use restraint and only pick one or two feature items per major area. If you have too many features to look at in the bedroom, there is nowhere for your eyes to rest, it will feel busy and overwhelming.


Bedroom Tip #5 – Never match, coordinate instead

Your nan will gasp in horror but it’s true, matching is the ultimate interiors error! Always take a sample of the colours in your room and pick things that look good together, not that are exact colour matches.

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Merryn Paul is the co-founder of mexsii bedheads. To find out more about these stunning bedheads go to mexsii.com

This post has been reproduced with the permission of West Avenue

Feature photo by sfgirlbythebay

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