Geometric Genius – Dion Horstmans

Sydney based sculptural artist, Dion Horstmans speaks to The Home Journal about his earthy inspirations and his career in sculpture.

Beginning his art career with a love for drawing, Dion Horstmans’ sculptural interest grew to where he has now progressed into producing work that can be seen around the buildings of Melbourne and Sydney. The work of this geometrical genius is inspired by his heritage and draws parallels to natural influences.

‘I draw inspiration from various places, my island heritage, from the tribal motifs that I grew up with and that I constantly refer to, from nature…coral, shells, crystals, from the built environment that surrounds me, and from street art and graffiti.’

To read the rest of this post head to The Home Journal – Geometric Genius – The Work of Dion Horstmans

This work has been reproduced with permission from The Home Journal

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