Rainproof Your Wedding – Tips For An Unexpected Rainy Day Wedding

This post has been reproduced with the permission of Complete Wedding Melbourne

Unfortunately, the weather is not something we can control and it’s really only a day or so beforehand that the weather can accurately be predicted.
Here is our guide to a rainy day wedding that it won’t dampen your smile.


–         Choose dresses in materials that will not ruin easily in the rain.
–         Avoid suede shoes for the boys and go for shiny materials that act as waterproof.
–         Rethink stiletto heels that will dig into the wet ground or use stepping-stones for the bridal party to stand out without sinking.
–         Keep umbrellas handy for emergency wet weather; coloured umbrellas can be a decorative prop and will add beautiful colour to photos.
–         Consider working cute coloured gumboots into your photos or wear stylish raincoats to the ceremony.
–         Invest in some drop cloths or white picnic rugs to lay down under your dress whilst taking photos. You can hide these under the dress or your photographer may be able to photoshop them out later.
–         Bring along some hairdryers to dry dresses and towels to towel dry wet skin.
Hire or organise a back up venue for heavy rain. Consider:
–         Recreational halls
–         Neighbouring barns
–         Large living room
–         Nearby surf clubs for beach weddings
–         Park Rotundas for garden weddings
–         Sports clubs
–         Community halls
–         Function rooms
–         Nearby churches


The weather radar will be your best friend on the day of your wedding. Nominate a bridesmaid or groomsman to watch this. Have him or her download an app that shows a radar of the approaching rain (they will love interpreting the radar and playing weatherman). If possible, be flexible with ceremony times and organise options to stall your ceremony if the weather permits – drinks and canapés can buy time for up to an hour.


Just because the rain has come, does not mean you have to lose an amazing outside venue area. Hire or purchase a DIY pop-up marquee that can be quickly assembled and cover the bridal party and celebrant during the ceremony. Have plenty of umbrellas available for guests to pick up. In light rain your guests can stand and watch the ceremony with umbrellas.
Before the wedding, look for a back up hall or accessible undercover area near the ceremony area where you can move guests too if the rain is too heavy.
The magic of rain on the rooftop can add a wonderful vibe to your wedding venue, however heavy rain on a metal roof can lead to a very noisy wedding. Consider a microphone so everyone can hear.


Do not give up hope. Continue to check the weather and get outside with umbrellas for some quirky photos, remembering that dreary days are a photographers dream- this is the type of lighting that will make you look the best in photos. Dark clouds and a rain drenched street can create a stunning backdrop and reflections and raindrops can have a magical effect.
At the end of the day, the wedding is all about celebrating with the people you love. If you do not want a little rain to ruin your day, don’t let it. Have a laugh and remember that not everything in a marriage goes to plan (including the wedding) and the rain will be a tiny drop in the scheme of starting your life together.

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