The Scent Of The Home – Aromatherapy

The home space is an escape. When the weather outside is dreary, there’s no better escape then some aromatherapy to inspire the mood of the home. Oils, herbs and flowers can be used in different ways around the home to soothe, boost or brighten any room. Bring this alternate therapy method into the home as an easy and cheap pick-me-up for the senses.

Aromatherapy is a natural therapy used to boost wellbeing through aromatic scents. Using all natural plant products in the home are great for mood therapy and brain functioning as well as for freshening a dusty room. Essentials for aromatherapy in the home include essential oils, oil burners, scented candles and room sprays. Smell the fresh scent of these tips on how to match an aroma to a room.

In the living room, the strongest aromatherapy method is an oil burner. When burned, the essential oils will release aromatic qualities into the air and infuse into the space. Citrus essential oils such as lemon, orange or grapefruit have a freshness factor with a zing. The strongest aromatherapy method is using an oil burner. Eucalyptus oil is also a particularly great scent for the spring allergen months and has health benefits of clearing the nose and sinuses. Another way to cleanse the living room area is to create your own room spritz by diluting a small amount of essential oils in water and using a spritz bottle to spray into the air.

In the kitchen, natural aromas from fresh flowers and herbs are the key ingredient. Using fresh flowers will release scents naturally through blossoming. Keeping fresh herbs around the kitchen will also boost the aromas in the kitchen (not to mention the tastiness of your next meals). Brewing herbal teas in the kitchen for a few minutes can fill the room with a naturally pleasant scent so upping your cups of jasmine or camomile is suggested.

In the study, the scent of herbs such as basil and rosemary are said to increase brain functioning and boost concentration, so keep some pots handy when the work is piled up.

In the bedroom, scented candles or candles infused with essential oils are perfect. Sleepy night time oils such as peppermint or lavender will calm and soothe to increase sleep quality. The sweetness from the lavender is calming, or try vanilla for a comforting scent during quiet times.

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This post has been reproduced with permission of The Home Journal

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